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A Tiffany & Co. Inspired Cake

The gorgeous “Tiffany blue” box. The delicate satin ribbon. Those tiny black inscribed letters that mean so much. The Tiffany & Co. box is a long-standing symbol of elegance and class. For this reason, Tiffany & Co. inspired cakes are a popular and often-requested theme, especially for bridal showers and the like. I was approached […]

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Let’s Talk Sketching

We see beautiful and artfully created cakes in magazines and online all the time. Even if you are not into designing or creating desserts of any kind, you may be one of those people who loves flipping through photos of them. Have you ever wondered how these masterpieces came to be? I’m not talking about the […]

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One-Minute Tiny Roses

The only thing more eye-catching than a beautiful sugar rose is a miniature sugar rose. Anything tiny is bound to be adorable… Which is why tiny edible things attached to cakes are always such a crowd pleaser! For this stunner of a vintage rose baby shower cake, I needed mini roses. And I needed a […]

A Hot Air Balloon Birthday

If you have followed me much at all, you know that I have a love for fondant cakes. I love their gorgeous, smooth appearance. I love the decorating possibilities that a fondant covering allows. I love the ease of creating color, without the use of tons of food coloring.  Most of all, I love the […]

Hello world!

Welcome to my new blog! I am so happy you’ve stopped by! I look forward to many exciting things happening here on this little ol’ page of mine! If you’re here, you love sweets. You love eating sweets or looking at photos of sweets. Maybe you even love creating them! You are far from alone, my friend! Here at […]