Hello, sweet friends!

I was scrolling down through some of my older photos and feeling like I was watching myself grow while doing so… all of my cakes, from the very oldest until now. I would like to think that there was not much difference, and maybe tell myself that I was always good at cakes – but that is, of course, not the case.

One thing I do notice right off the bat is the fact that it took me about a year or so to realize the importance of decorating my cake boards.


Whether it is something as simple as sanding sugar…


… or even a solid fondant with a message on it, I always try to at least cover my boards.

As I’ve grown in confidence as a cake designer, I have gotten more and more fancy with my boards.


I’ve learned how much extra detail and character it adds to the cake. I’ve even gone as far as the create a board that almost overshadows the cake itself.


Fellow bakers, if you want to feel worth the money you know you should be charging, you need to take care every detail of your cake… this definitely includes the board. A beautifully decorated board adds so much to the quality of your cake!


Really… just take my word for it.


But if you still need a little more convincing, check out this video by Liz Merrick that convinced me I was right.

I would love to know your thoughts!